Meet Burnie & Earl

The Adventures of Burnie & Earl follow best buds Burnie, a natural gas flame, and Earl, an oil drop, on their wild encounters with the petroleum industry.

Through their adventures, Burnie and Earl entertain and educate the general public about safety, friendship, and having fun.

Learn more about the duo in their first cartoon adventure and coloring book.

Burnie is the sort of carefree fellow who jumps headlong into projects. Only seconds after the idea strikes him, he starts digging a swimming pool.

Earl is more cautious. He supplies the voice of reason and is always eager to tame a situation. Earl often finds himself telling Burnie, "You've got to follow the rules!"

Burnie & Earl go mobile!

Take the fun of Burnie & Earl everywhere you go, with the
“Burnie & Earl” tablet app! Help Burnie and Earl build their dream pool with these two interactive, educational game formats!


Experience what it’s like to be a professional locator, and why to always “call before you dig.”


Learn what all those color-coded flags stuck in the ground mean.

“Burnie & Earl’s Pool Party” Coloring Book!

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With the “The Adventures of Burnie & Earl” coloring book, there’s even more to learn and enjoy!

Find inside – games, coloring, fact sheets, and a special scratch-off promo code you can redeem on this website!

Available in small and large quantity orders. Perfect for classrooms and events!

Every code is a winner!

Type your scratch-off code below, answer a few questions and see what you've won! Codes can be found in hard copies of the “Burnie & Earl’s Pool Party” coloring book.


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